Cynthia Williams

FDO 2013 (4)

Cynthia Williams` professional writing career includes creative non-fiction, fiction, narrative history and television copywriting. Cynthia is a monthly contributor of narrative histories of Fort Myers to the Sunday “Tropicalia” magazine section of the Fort Myers News-Press, and she has a bi-weekly column in the “Cape Life” section of the News-Press. Beginning with her story, “Lee in Texas,” scheduled for the December 2018 issue, she will be publishing also in American History Magazine. In 2017, Cynthia published Hidden History of Fort Myers (The History Press), and in 2018, Random House (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers) will publish her children’s book, Me and the Sky. Cynthia has completed a YA historical novel, and is currently working on a three-part, psychological-mystery, titled BANYAN, whose fictionalized setting is the historic Burroughs Home in downtown Fort Myers.