Lorraine Walker Williams NLAPW Poetic Success is hers!

Lorraine Walker Williams was the featured poet in the Summer Bards Program sponsored by the Cape May Library system in June.

One of Lorraine’s poems, “Plant,” has been selected for the NLAPW Poem of the Week national website in August 2019.

Lorraine Walker Williams will have her framed poems featured as part of the Marin Center for the Arts NLAPW Exhibit in San Rafael, CA, from August 2, 2019 to January 2, 2020.

Lorraine Walker Williams (Right)

Cynthia Williams Publishes ME AND THE SKY

It won’t be in bookstores until September, but the pre-release reviews are coming in and so far, they are thumbs up! Me and the Sky (Knopf) is the children’s picture book story of Beverly Bass, the first female captain for American Airlines. It is based upon the biography that Cynthia wrote for Tropicalia, the Sunday magazine section of the Fort Myers News-Press. Get the full story here, and the Kirkus review of Me and the Sky here. Booklist and Horn Books have also given the book gold stars!

Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.