Cheryl A. Fausel Takes her Art to New Heights

Cheryl Fausel has been chosen by Lee County, Florida’s Alliance for the Arts to have her art displayed on billboards throughout the county, beginning now and continuing indefinitely! Out of 150 submissions, she is one of only nine to be so honored.

The goal of this new and ambitious Art Lives Here! initiative, developed by the Alliance for the Arts, is to bring art out of closed galleries into public view—a truly uplifting experience for artists and viewers alike!

The original paintings will be displayed for the month of August in the Alliance for the Arts theater gallery. To learn more about this project visit:

The Pilgrimage

L-R: Sara, Gay & Carol

Some of the Pen Women of Southwest Florida made a pilgrimage on Valentine’s Day to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The museum houses the largest collection of this surreal surrealist’s art outside Europe.

Afterwards, the group enjoyed lunch at the French, Cassis American Bistro.

L-R: Sara Williams, Tony Fenner, Honey Costa, Heidi Fausel, Cheryl Fausel, Carol Cox, Gay Cable

A special guest on this occasion was artist Cheryl Fausel’s daughter, Heidi, visiting her mother from her home in Aix-en-Provence, France, home to the great French post-impressionist, Paul Cézanne.

A lovely and inspired Valentine’s Day occasion, doing what artists love second best—viewing the artwork of mankind’s greatest artists.

An Unlikely Combination


This just-published action thriller has an afterword by Cynthia Williams! What? How? Why?

She knew the author, Ralph Dennis. In fact, way back in the 1970s, when this book was written, the author was in love with her. And now, Lee Goldberg, a NYTimes best-selling author, TV-series producer, and publisher has resurrected Dennis’s classic, crime-fiction novels as homage to a writer many in the genre consider to be one of the greats. A few of Dennis’s most intimate friends have written afterwords for these books—among them, Cynthia Williams, whose confessions-of-a-school-girl sort of essay may be enjoyed by ordering a copy of the book here.

Goldberg reveals his “harrowing addiction” to Dennis’s books in an essay in CrimeReads. A fun read. As are all of Lee’s novels.