Carol Thayer Cox and the Mandala

In art therapy, the mandala is a powerful tool. Learn how to use it in a three-day, 23-hour course taught by Carol Thayer Cox, MA, ATR-BC-Retired, REAT, and Amy Bucciarelli, MS, ATR-BC, LMHC in Fort Myers, Florida, April 17-19.

A weekend retreat filled with music, mandala-art making, meditation, and the nourishment of meaningful learning is the perfect springtime refreshment of mind, heart, and soul.

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Poet Carol Thayer Cox on Poet Mary Oliver

Carol Thayer Cox, art therapist and writer, found her own emotional therapy in the nature poetry of Pulitzer-prize-winning poet, Mary Oliver, who has been compared to literary giants, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman. Oliver’s passing early this year deeply affected Carol. As Oliver would have done, Carol gave voice in a poem to her emotion and the revelation that Oliver’s death brought home to her. The Messenger was published in this summer’s edition of Pen Woman Magazine. To fully appreciate Carol’s tribute to Mary Oliver, you may wish to glance first at this fine description of the renowned poet and her work.

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Photo of Mary Oliver by Angel Valentin, New York Times, 2013

Barbara Taylor Sanders Helps Birth New Novelists

This just in from Barbara Taylor Sanders, Pen Woman author of mystery novels and artist:

“In September, I am teaching a fiction writing course in a non-credit, adult enrichment program at the University of Dayton….home of the Erma Bombeck humor contest.”

If you don’t live in Dayton, OH, don’t fret. She’ll be teaching the same course this winter at the Kennedy Center in Cape Coral.

If you don’t spend your winters in Cape Coral, never mind. You can study on your own. Barbara’s student guide workbook is easily obtainable from Amazon.

If you’ve got a book inside you waiting to get out, Barbara Taylor Sanders is your midwife!